• Tuna salad with seeds on top

    May 2019

    With intermittent fasting, finally launching FitKno and reminiscing about a holiday we took a year ago—May was another eventful month!

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  • Markus Torenstra Fresh Fitness

    Markus Torenstra

    I caught up with the founder of Fresh Fitness, one of Amsterdam’s leading gym chains—read about his journey, passion for perfection and outlook on business.

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  • Christmas Family Dinner Table Concept

    Holiday Eating

    Looking to keep your diet on track and maintain the physique you worked so hard to achieve? Take a look at how I managed my diet on holiday over Christmas.

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  • FitKno protein porridge

    April 2019

    My first photoshoot, a gruelling PT session, a seven-hour traffic jam, an Easter diet lapse and the birth of my intermittent fasting routine—April was not a dull month!

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  • Matt and Markus, Fresh Fitness Amsterdam

    The Time Has Come

    Another eventful week, featuring the sad passing of a loved pet, another rewarding trip to Amsterdam and my latest body composition test.

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  • FitKno Matt in bed blowing nose

    A winter cold

    One thing I hate more than anything is being ill. After successfully dodging it throughout the winter, I finally succumbed to a winter cold—but battled on regardless.

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  • PHD Diet whey powder

    PHD Diet Whey

    The benchmark by which I judge all protein powders. Aside from its great taste and excellent nutrition, what is it about PHD’s Diet Whey that makes it so special?

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  • Matt FitKno cable fly

    Fitbit 2

    A killer HIIT session, my new Fitbit arrived and a freakishly real dream. Nothing too eventful but another couple of steps on my journey.

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  • The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin


    I visited Berlin for work and had a great time exploring the city but took care to eat properly and exercise enough.

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  • view of the center of Barcelona. Spain


    I spent a week in Barcelona for work, coming face to face with the Premier League trophy and indulging in some early morning sprint training!

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