I barely slept on Saturday night due to the onset of a dreaded sore throat, coupled with the worry that I was coming down with a cold and how it would affect my busy schedule. By the time I woke on Sunday morning, those initial twinges from the night before had blossomed into the early stages of a full-on, fuck-you cold with an agonisingly sore throat and throbbing head ache.

FitKno Matt looking ill with a winter cold

I lay in bed for about ten minutes, wondering whether or not I could fight through the discomfort and endure a training session at the gym—thankfully, common sense prevailed and I didn’t. Instead, my attention turned to how I could fight this off and return to full fitness in time for my trip to Amsterdam at the end of the month, and my photoshoot on 7th April. I know it’s only a cold, but it still takes a lot out of you and I don’t want to be ill at all. I’d done so well this winter, having managed to dodge any form of cold or flu, a feat which is quite admirable considering I have a four-year-old daughter who gets invited to every social event for her age group.

My first priority would be rest, which means that training is off the agenda for at least the next five days. As much as I’d love to continue the progress I’ve been making, I need to be sensible—there is little point in working out if it’s going to delay my recovery. Excellent nutrition is a top priority, eating as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I can will help me fill my body with nutrients and aid my immune system fight this horrible feeling I have right now. It’s also important to stay hydrated, so I’ll be drinking lots of water to try and flush the virus out and ensure I don’t suffer addition symptoms from becoming dehydrated. In my experience, it’s always better to drink more water than less, particularly so when not feeling too good. You can read more about adequate hydration levels in my article: Water, what’s in it for us?

Isobel on scooter

With my recovery plan in place, I hauled myself out of bed and tried to make it through the day the best I could. With no kid’s birthday parties to attend, it was quite a relaxing day at home, before Isobel and I headed to the park in the afternoon for her to do some scootering. I watched her race around the park on two wheels in a lot of discomfort, pausing every time before I swallowed, bracing myself for the onset of pain akin to swallowing a mouthful of razorblades. I’ve always suffered from bad sore throats, and this time is no different. I’ll be glad to move on to the next stage of the virus and be able to swallow without feeling this agonising pain.

Still feeling rotten, I took Monday off work and spent the day in bed—literally all day in bed. I can’t remember the last time I did this. I woke up at 09:00 and mustered enough voice to let them know I wouldn’t be in, then went back to sleep—waking just after lunch time. Although I considered doing a little work on my laptop, I never got around to it. Even taking a light snack and drink seemed like a lot of effort. By the evening I was feeling well rested and watched an episode of Sunderland ‘til I Die on Netflix and then propped my head up on three pillows and set myself up for even more sleep.

Naturally, I woke early on Tuesday morning, feeling a lot better. My head was still pounding, but a few Paracetamol calmed that down—even though I felt quite rotten, my day of rest had had the desired effect and I felt good enough to make it through the day ahead.

By Wednesday I was feeling better still, a warm-fuzziness (after blowing my nose) was bearable. I think you feel so awful during the first few days of a cold, that these ‘better’ days are a lot less unpleasant and almost enjoyable. Work was a challenge during which I blew my nose about 100 times between trying to keep up with the steady flow of new challenges. There is never a dull or uneventful day when you work in marketing.

BREXIT conceptual image of London image and UK and EU flags ove

As has been the case throughout the week, as soon as I got home I went straight to bed. Tonight though, Theresa May was due to make a statement on Brexit developments. Or, lack of development as it turned out. I watched on the BBC News channel as she made her speech almost an hour later than initially scheduled—expecting some sort of new information or actual purpose to her news conference. It never came, instead she seemed to blame everyone else for the predicament of political impasse the country now finds itself in. I voted to remain in the EU and I passionately hope that we do—the current situation makes us look like absolute idiots to everyone outside the UK border (and a great deal of people within it). The fact we now can’t decide on whether we want to leave, how we want to leave or anything at all makes the UK look like a group of squabbling children. It’s a cause of embarrassment for me every time I go abroad or speak to more worldly and well-travelled people. With less than two weeks to go until we supposedly leave the EU, we still don’t have a plan. If we never leave at all, I’ll be happy—but it we end up leaving without any sort of deal, I certainly won’t be.

Wednesday night was a challenging sleep, the combination of a completely blocked nose and small child kicking me in the head several times made it a relief to finally get up at 06:00. Starting the day with a good nose-blowing session made me feel a lot better, before consuming a decent amount of caffeine and getting on with another long day in the office. Although I’m feeling much better now, I decided not to train at the gym, getting home from work early and spending the evening working on my blog in the kitchen. Maggie is redecorating my office and in the process of transforming it into a bedroom for when we have guests over Easter—it is therefore necessary for me to work downstairs if I need a lot of space.

Chicken salad

By Friday morning, I was feeling much better and spent the day at a show in London. It was a pleasurable drive down with very little traffic and blue skies, further enhanced by the blossom-lined motorways as the trees start to bloom for spring. Fingers crossed I have turned a corner and will feel better from now on, this cold has been getting me down. My working day was enjoyable, taking pictures and recording video footage of some amazing technology we have installed at the show. I was particularly proud of myself at lunchtime, when I managed to fight the urge to go for McDonalds (my cheat meal of choice) and opted for a chicken salad from Pret a Manger instead. It’s those little choices which make a difference in the long run.

I’ve been weighing myself quite regularly this week and have lost even more weight than before—I’m guessing it’s something to do with being ill, but whatever the reason, the weight has been falling off of me. When I stepped on the scales on Saturday morning, I weighed 92.6kg—but I had been as low as 91.9kg earlier in the week. With my big weigh-in at Fresh Fitness in Amsterdam next week, I’m so curious to see how this translates to fat or muscle loss. Naturally I hope to have lost more of the former than the latter! I had a haircut on Saturday morning and felt great afterwards, I have very thick hair and I despise it getting too long. If I don’t find to get time to get my hair cut I get quite wound up because of it. Although it wasn’t that long, I was relieved to have a trim. After that it was straight out to another birthday party with Isobel before a relaxing evening preparing myself for training on Sunday morning. It’s been too long, I can’t wait to get stuck in again!

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