• Portrait of personal trainer and model Evelina Krapane Eva Evk

    Evelina Krapane

    Discover what it takes to be a successful Personal Trainer and get an insight into bodybuilding competitions and fitness modelling in my interview with Evelina Krapane.

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  • Matt doing deadlifts

    Half term

    This week I split my cardio and resistance training sessions, did some food photography, upgraded my iPhone to a Huawei Mate 20 and flew to Barcelona!

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  • Matt doing the woodchopper

    Back to normality

    Returning from Amsterdam, we belatedly celebrated my birthday (twice) and enjoyed Valentine’s day as I eased back into normality.

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  • Matt in front of Iamsterdam sign


    There’s too much about this week to summarise in 3 lines. From celebrating my 40th birthday to walking over 50k steps in a day—it was a week I’ll never forget!

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  • Me doing barbell complex

    Stepping it up

    Another busy week featuring a brutal workout, a regal feast, a disappointing visit to David Lloyd and a flight to Amsterdam…

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  • PHD Smart bars

    PHD Smart Bars

    What’s not to love about PHD Smart Bars? The most enjoyable protein snack on the market by a considerable margin. But, what makes them so good?

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  • Young man turning off the alarm clock on the bed

    Getting serious

    Improving my sleep behaviour, hitting the gym hard and reviewing PHD Smart Bars, this week was as varied as it was intense.

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  • Amsterdam Centraal Station at night

    A Mixed Bag

    Another eventful week, half at home and half in Amsterdam, during which I learnt about sleep and walked an unbelievable number of steps.

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  • Matt hard at it in the gym

    Hard at it

    Early nights, my gym induction and the merits of a fitness tracker are the theme of this week’s blog—not to mention my car going in for its MOT!

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  • Old gym interior with equipment

    Back to Reality

    Settling back in after the cruise, we celebrated New Year’s Eve, I joined a gym and went back to work after the Christmas break.

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  • Aerial picture of Copenhagen on Christmas eve

    Christmas week

    Christmas on a cruise, stopping off at Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Ghent—share Christmas with me and my family.

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