Grenade are a sports nutrition house who continually turn out excellent high-protein products, setting the bar for which their competitors endeavour to reach. The latest additions to their hugely popular Carb Killa protein bar range, Dark Chocolate Raspberry and White Chocolate Salted Peanut do not disappoint and taste as good as any other Carb Killa bar.

In 2018, IRI MarketPlace rated Carb Killa as the UK’s biggest protein bar brand and it’s not difficult to see why. Available in over 15 flavours with the odd seasonal special released throughout the year—Carb Killa are clearly a bar of choice for many professional and lifestyle athletes who are dedicated to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Created with the emphasis of tasting great, yet dedicated to packing a seriously powerful nutritional punch, Carb Killa bars contain between 20-23g of protein per 60g bar, as little as 2g of sugar and only 0.9g of impact carbs—meaning they have very little effect on your blood sugar levels and are bloody good for people on a keto diet. In contrast, the same weight of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk would have 33.6g of impact carbs and trigger a pretty big spike of blood sugar—from which you would experience a temporary high before craving sugar again.

White Chocolate Salted Peanut

Grenade Carb KIlla White Chocolate and Salted Peanut protein barWhat a ridiculously clever combination of flavours, I thoroughly enjoyed this bar. The light, nougat like core contrasted beautifully with the crunchy peanut pieces under the white chocolate coating. Hats off to Grenade for dreaming up this combination, white chocolate and peanut would have been expected, quite ordinary—but salted peanut, that’s indulgent. It’s like eating a salt and vinegar crisp with a mouth full of Milky Bar. Yes, it’s that good!

The White Chocolate and Salted Peanut Carb Killa bar was a joy to eat and felt even better knowing that it wouldn’t impact my low-carb diet too much. From the first bite to the lingering after-taste, I couldn’t have asked for any more.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Grenade Carb KIlla Dark Chocolate and Raspberry protein barConsidering I’ve recently reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed PHD’s take on this flavour in the Smart Bar, it’s unavoidable that I will compare the two—to which Grenade’s version is a reasonably poor second. Whilst still a very enjoyable protein bar, there are a couple of areas which disappointed me. Firstly, even though it’s only 5g lighter than the Smart Bar, it seemed a lot less. The texture wasn’t anywhere near as thrilling either, with PHD’s being a real contrast between smooth and crunchy—Grenade’s Dark Chocolate and Raspberry bar seemed to miss-fire in that department, being only mildly crunchy and quite gooey. The aftertaste wasn’t anywhere near as enjoyable either, reminding me of bubble-gum rather than the gorgeous combination of Dark Chocolate and Raspberry.

If PHD hadn’t made the Smart Bar in this flavour, I would have eaten and enjoyed the Carb Killa version—but alas I must compare apples with apples.


Grenade seem relentless at taking their winning Carb Killa formula and applying it to new and unexpected flavours—the latest additions to their range are a very clever combination of tastes, which work very well and are perfect for a snack at any time of day.

Nutrition (White Chocolate Salted Peanut):

Calories:                      242kcal
Carbohydrate:            19.0g
Sugar:                            2.0g
Fat:                               12.0g
Protein:                       20.0g
Fibre:                              2.5g

Carb Killa: Dark Chocolate Raspberry & White Chocolate Salted Peanut











  • White Chocolate Salted Peanut is incredible
  • Both bars are really tasty with great texture
  • Good nutrition and macro balance
  • Great as a snack or post gym recovery
  • You’ll look cool eating one of these!


  • Quite expensive
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry not as good as PHD’s

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    15th May 2019 at 6:48 pm

    […] Isobel, I spent a lot of the afternoon photographing products I’ve reviewed including the new Grenade Carb Killa bars in Dark Chocolate and Raspberry and White Chocolate Salted Peanut flavour as well as various […]

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