SCI-MX Pro 2 Go Protein Flapjack If you’re looking for a protein-rich flapjack which looks and tastes like a proper flapjack, then there’s no better product for you than SCI-MX’s latest offering. The first thing that struck me about the Pro 2 Go flapjack is how much it looks like an actual flapjack, you know the ones in cellophane wrappers you’d buy from a gas station or news agent—even the home-made type you might pick up at a summer fete or charity event. Some of the other protein flapjacks I’ve reviewed are truly great creations, but they deviate from what we’d normally expect to encounter when eating an actual flapjack—not so with this one. It’s basically a proper flapjack with slightly improved nutrition.

Only slightly improved nutrition? That’s right, there’s nothing bad or untoward in SCI-MX’s tasty baked product, but when you compare it to a standard flapjack (I used Asda’s standard flapjack(1) as a benchmark), I was pretty surprised at the comparison between the two products.

Peanut & Chocolate Pro 2 Go

Asda Flapjack Bar



















Having adjusted the data for Asda’s Flapjack to match the 50g of the SCI-MX delicacy, the results weren’t really what I was expecting. Firstly, there’s more calories and fat in the Pro 2 Go flapjack, then there’s quite a similar level of carbs in both bars. Although there is considerably less sugar and loads more protein in SCI-MX’s take on this classic product. I wouldn’t say the nutrition is bad, but one of the main reasons for choosing on-the-go protein-rich snacks is that they’re a healthier alternative over traditional products. That argument doesn’t seem so strong in this case.

SCI-MX Pro 2 Go Protein Flapjack Range SCI-MX state on their website that the Pro 2 Go flapjack is ‘loaded with wholesome gluten free oats, natural nut energy and irresistible home-baked flavour’. I whole heartedly agree, the eating experience of these bars is delightful, each different flavour offers something new and enjoyable. Available in Peanut & Chocolate, Almond, Chocolate & Hazelnut and Coconut flavours—there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. The chocolate varieties are a basic flapjack with a thin chocolate coating, which snaps and crumbles with the flapjack as you eat it. Every version is a delight to eat, with a really strong oaty and nutty flavour. Because it’s packed full of oats and fibre, it will keep you full for longer than expected, although at only 50g, it’s one of the lighter protein flapjacks on the market. For a classic flapjack, I don’t think there’s much more you could ask for.

I loved the new branding SCI-MX have used with this product, it steps away from their older, more functional style and expresses a sense of movement and energy. The typeface on the ‘go’ word is especially dynamic, which I think will have a positive effect on consumers picking up the bar and putting it in their baskets.

I really liked the Pro 2 Go flapjacks. Okay, the nutrition wasn’t quite as I expected—but for a simple, on-the-go protein snack there’s a lot worse options. My lasting impression would be the taste and texture of the bar. It was a delight to eat and refreshingly true to what a flapjack should actually be.

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