Warrior raw protein flapjack 1 1400x900pxHaving never heard of the Warrior brand before, I came across these delightful flapjacks in my local supermarket and couldn’t resist giving them a try. Weighing in at a whopping 75g they are the heaviest protein flapjack readily available—with high protein, high fibre but very low in sugar. I really enjoyed Warrior’s flapjack, there’s lots to love about this no-nonsense product.

Naturally, the first element to consider when choosing anything to eat is how does it taste? The Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack tastes lovely, I tried the Chocolate Brownie flavour and it was very chocolatey—something which should be expected, but not taken for granted. You might be thinking that it’s not only that taste that matters, but also the nutritional content of the bar and you’d be right—however, if it’s got amazing ingredients and the right balance of macros for you, yet tastes like old socks, you’re not going to eat it, are you? Thankfully, the Warrior bar ticks both the taste and nutrition boxes. Calorie-wise it’s okay at 249 kcal, the carbohydrates are a little high at 44.7g per bar, but only 4.5g of that are sugar. The fat content is also quite low at only 4.2g and they’ve managed to pack a whopping 8.9g of fibre into every bar, which is highly commendable.

The high fibre content comes from its principle ingredients being rolled oats and toasted oats. Make no mistake, this is a filling bar—you could quite easily eat one as a mid-morning snack and be full until lunchtime. The texture is very nice, it’s not too dry or chewy. The majority of the bar is ground oats, but there are some whole, toasted oats and chocolate chips thrown into the mix to enhance the texture. I enjoyed it so much that after buying one for review, I bought several more to keep in my kit bag.

Although I’ve only tried the Chocolate Brownie flavour so far, the Warrior Raw Protein flapjacks are also available in Honey Berry and White Chocolate and Cranberry flavours. Something for everyone there with quite a broad range of flavours.

One point of interest is a high quantity of Polyols used in the Warrior Raw Protein flapjack—I’m not sure how relevant to most people this would be, but it is clearly significant enough to be mentioned on the label. By Polyol, they mean the artificial sweetener Stevia, which would explain why these flapjacks contain so little sugar in relation to the total amount of carbohydrates. Are Polyols bad? I don’t think so, the concern is that for some people they may have a laxative effect is eaten in large quantities, but no more so than beans or other high-fibre food. One major benefit of Polyols is that they don’t cause a spike in blood-sugar levels like refined sugar does, which makes them much more suitable for diabetics. My suspicion is that many ‘low-sugar’ protein bars contain Polyols, but their manufacturers aren’t so upfront about it on the wrapper. Again, kudos to Warrior for this.

So, who are Warrior? That was not the easiest answer to find when I set about researching this review—they don’t have their own website and their social media channels aren’t the easiest to find. A little digging led me to the door of the Bodybuilding Warehouse, a supplements company based in Manchester, UK. Warrior is one of a number of brands manufactured by Bodybuilding Warehouse at their factory in the UK. Based on the quality of this product, they’ll be a manufacturer I’ll be looking out for in the future.

It seems as though there are wild differences between the different protein flapjacks available on the high street, whilst the SCI-MX Pro2Go and PHD Smart Jacks are a baked product close to what I would expect when somebody offers me a flapjack, others such as Warriors beast of a bar and Grenade’s Reload protein flapjack are raw products—which changes the eating experience considerably.

Warrior raw protein flapjack 2 1400x900pxHow so? Well, a baked flapjack is what we’d normally expect, big, bold oats held together with pretty substantial quantities of butter, golden syrup and sugar. A raw one requires the oats to be ground smaller and pressed together to stay together. I won’t get into the debate on which version is the ‘healthiest’—there are several schools of thought. One being that by keeping the ingredients below 42ºC maintains the nutrient content in the ingredients, but that’s a topic of debate for people far better educated in nutrition than I am. All I know for sure is that I really love Warrior’s Raw Protein flapjack, and I quite liked a lot of the others I’ve tried too!


Nutrition (Chocolate Brownie)

Calories:                       248kcal
Carbohydrate:             44.7g
Sugar:                           4.5g
Fat:                                4.2g
Protein:                        20.0g
Fibre:                            8.9g

In summary, I can’t recommend this flapjack highly enough—is it the best one out there? I think that’s for you to make your own mind up on, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack











  • Great taste
  • High fibre, low sugar
  • Good ingredients and macro balance
  • No nonsense, great texture
  • Very filling


  • Quite high Polyol/Stevia

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