Review: MyProtein Impact Whey

I tried the chocolate brownie flavour of MyProtein’s Impact Whey protein powder and instantly fell in love. With so many protein powders available, it’s difficult to know which one to choose or be able to pick a favourite. This is my new protein shake of choice, for a wide variety of reasons. It was love at first sip.

The drinking experience

MyProtein Impact Whey Chocolate Brownie with shakerI’ve yet to encounter a protein powder which mixes as well or as quickly as this. I measured out 200ml of ice-cold water, threw in a 25g scoop of the rich, dark powder. After a few quick shakes of my new MyProtein shaker, I flipped the lid and took a sip.

The first thing that hit me was the intense, chocolatey flavour. I adore chocolate and was not disappointed by the flavour of this shake in any way. I’m yet to try any of the other flavours in the range, but this actually tasted like a chocolate brownie. Flavour-wise, I couldn’t have asked for more.

The texture was divine, MyProtein recommend using between 150ml and 250ml of water. I went somewhere in the middle at 200ml and it was great. The experience was enhanced by using really cold water, I can’t imagine it being as enjoyable at room temperature. Too many protein powders don’t mix well. I’m picky and I expect a perfect blend, with as little effort as possible. MyProtein managed this and are to be commended for it.


MyProtein Impact Whey nutritional informationThe nutritional element of Impact Whey was what first attracted me to it. Being a keen consumer of diet whey products, the macros were really attractive. With a 25g scoop delivering 18g protein for just 98kcal, that’s something to be marvelled at. Each serving has only 2g of carbohydrate and 1.9g of fat—these figures are mind-blowing and comparable to my other favourite whey powders, USN IsoLean and PHD Diet Whey.

MyProtein Impact Whey uses between 91% and 96% whey protein concentrate, hence the low levels of fat and carbohydrate per serving. Each scoop also contains 4.5g of BCAAs, further helping you to repair and build new muscle.

Nutrition (Chocolate Brownie 25g)

Calories 98kcal
Carbohydrate 2.0g
Sugar 0.9g
Fat 1.9g
Protein 18g
Fibre 0.9g

What I loved

Everything. There’s nothing I didn’t love about the drink or the experience. Ordering through the MyProtein website was a breeze. You have all the information you’re likely to need right there in an easy to navigate online experience that works well, whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device. MyProtein have made the customer journey easy and enjoyable. With an average rating of 4.63 out of 5, from 17,000 reviews on their website for this product alone—I’m in good company with falling in love.

What I didn’t love


The last word

Kudos to MyProtein for creating a truly amazing product and ordering experience. With over 40 flavours ranging from vanilla & raspberry to rocky road, peach tea and blueberry—if you can’t find a flavour you like, you just don’t like flavours! The macros are incredible, the taste is divine. I may never try another protein brand again.

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